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Intelligent Agents are a communication tool within CloudDeakin. It can send automated emails based on pre-defined criteria. For example, it can work based on the occurrence and/or lack of students’ performance – e.g. not logging into the unit site, achieving a HD on a quiz/grade item.

A ‘not’ operator can also be used. For example, where a user:

  • has NOT made a submission to an Assignment Folder
  • has NOT completed a Quiz or Survey
  • has NOT received grade score
  • has NOT logged in within a specific number of days (this may also include staff)

You can use existing release conditions, or create new ones for your agents. The agent also sends a separate email to the creator of the agent when it finds users matching its criteria. You can run agents manually or set them to run on a schedule; daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.             


Intelligent Agents can be used to engage students effectively while providing various educational values – Retention, Engagement, Motivation and Learning.

For example, Intelligent Agents can:

  • Increase communication with students in an organised and automated way
  • Provide personalised approach to engaging with students (even with a large class of students)
  • Send out additional resources and information (e.g. via links and attachment) to students based on their
  • Save time for academics as Intelligent Agents can be set up in advance instead of sending separate emails to individual. Once created, no action or monitoring is required as Agents are sent automatically to all intended students.

Uses of Intelligent Agents

Retention: Email students who have not logging in to CloudDeakin to remind them it is not too late to do so, link them to resources and information they need to navigate the unit, and encourage them to let the Unit Chair know if there are circumstances preventing their engagement in their studies.
Engagement: Encouraging those who are achieving a low mark in an assessment task to access unit resources, seek assistance, and persist and succeed in their studies.
Motivation: Encouraging those who achieve a high mark in an assessment task.
Learning: Increase students’ focus on their learning rather than just their marks by sending an email to those who pass having failed in the past, or improve their performance from one assessment to another.


Setting up an Intelligent Agent – Example 1 – Students has not logged into the Unit site for the last 7 days –

Setting up an Intelligent Agent – Example 2 – Emailing students based on their grade in a particular assignment –

Setting up an Intelligent Agent – Example 3 – Emailing students one week before the Census date-


Tips for using Intelligent Agents

  • Make the contents of emails and the setting (e.g. how often emails are sent, based on what criteria) personable so that students think that they received personalised messages
  • Document both the email and the IA settings you use, and store them in your Unit’s folder on the School share drive.
  • Overuse of Intelligent Agents can make students ignore them

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