Web-based response tools

Web-based response tools can help you to easily create and deliver appealing interactive content. Using polls in your presentation is a good way to find what the audience is thinking. Displaying live polls during a presentation session can help you to gather feedback instantly. There are many web based interactive presentation tools, some of the most popular one are Poll everywhere and Kahoot.

Poll everywhere is an audience response system software platform that allows you to survey students in or outside the classroom; Students are able to answer questions using their smart phones, tablets or computers in real-time on a web browser or by downloading the iOS or Android App. Students responses are displayed in real-time. Poll Everywhere is supported to work in PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynote.

Kahoot Is a game-based learning and trivia platform that can be used for creating interactive presentations and game based quizzes.

Useful resources

Polleverywhere: https://www.polleverywhere.com/

Kahoot: https://kahoot.com/