Office 365

About Office 365 

Office 365 is a cloud-based Microsoft productivity tool with a suite of products including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive and OneNote. Office 365 lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device. 

Please note if you would like a desktop version of this software please refer to the Deakin Software library to download the software. Deakin machine will come with this pre installed.  

What can I use Office 365 for? 

Office 365 can be used to create, read and share documents including word processing documents, spread sheets and presentations. Outlook will allow you to send and receive emails, manage multiple calendars and share appointments and meeting invitations.  

One drive: Deakin’s staff and students can also Install the OneDrive client software on computer or mobile device to access 1TB (that’s 1024GB) of online storage through OneDrive for Business under Deakin’s Office365 plan. One drive can be used to store the files, share them with others, edit and collaborate in web browser through the Office web apps. One drive also allows syncing  up to 1TB of secure, backed-up personal storage. 

Office 365 also have a number of other useful tools such as Teams, Planner, Sway and Forms.  

Who has access to Office 365? 

All Deakin staff and students with a valid Deakin login will have access to Office 365. You can login to office 365 from any machine using this link 

You can also access Office 365 directly from DeakinSync by going to “Productivity” on the main menu and selecting “OneDrive and Office 365” 

Access and guide to use of Office 365 

Guide to using Office 365

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