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Deakin Business School Converged Learning

Staff in the Deakin Business School facilitate genuine converged learning through multiple cloud-based connections in the new Premium Converged Learning Space LB2.101 in Trimesters 2 and 3, 2015. This converged learning space is one of the ways that Deakin Business School staff are ‘harnessing emerging technologies to facilitate innovative, borderless, and personalised education.’ Converged learning […]

Echo360 EchoSystem

Embedding Echo Recordings (new feature)

Echo360 now offers an embeddable EchoPlayer link, allowing users to embed the EchoPlayer for a specific recording (or “Echo”) into a CloudDeakin HTML resource page, or other external locations such as a Blog. The embeddable link, called an Embed Code is available as follows: Method 1 Once you receive the email confirming your Echo is […]