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Academic Integrity Handbook

All professions have acceptable “Codes of Conduct”.  Within Academia, Academic Integrity forms part of it’s “Code of Conduct”.  It includes the code value of honesty in academic writing, and is not exclusively a student related issue.  Academic Integrity is however a value that students need to be exposed to and the skills necessary to perform […]

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NEW! Online Quiz and Assignment Dropbox Creation Request Forms

The Faculty of Business and Law Learning Innovations team is happy to announce new online forms that will be used, henceforth, by academic staff to request the creation of quizzes and assignment dropboxes. Online Quiz Creation Request Form Link: Online Assignment Dropbox (Grades and Rubrics) Request Form Link: It would be good practice to bookmark […]


Assessment Procedure – Schedule C for Higher Education Courses

  ASSESSMENT (HIGHER EDUCATION COURSES) PROCEDURE – SCHEDULE C All online tests included as part of the unit/course’s summative assessment should meet the standards outlined in Assessment (Higher Education Courses) Procedure – Schedule C: Standards for Administering Unsupervised Online Tests which are Automatically Computer-Marked at Deakin University. Schedule C: Standards for Administering Unsupervised Online Tests […]

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Authentic Assessment Methods – Handbook for Teaching Staff

The purpose of this handbook is to assist teaching staff in implementing Deakin University’s strategic policy direction by scaffolding authentic assessment practices. The key objective is to provide a succinct and concise reference handbook for assessment strategies to realise Deakin’s vision of ‘empowering learners for the jobs and skills of the future’. The handbook provides […]

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Online Business Simulations

Are you looking for an authentic assessment method that is transferable into future practice, feels real and is responsive to the needs of the individual student. Online simulations can create an authentic assessment by mirroring real world scenarios, they can teach and enhance skill building whilst measuring student achievement. Simulations Project Overview The Online Business Simulations (pedagogy, […]

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Embedding Echo Recordings (new feature)

Echo360 now offers an embeddable EchoPlayer link, allowing users to embed the EchoPlayer for a specific recording (or “Echo”) into a CloudDeakin HTML resource page, or other external locations such as a Blog. The embeddable link, called an Embed Code is available as follows: Method 1 Once you receive the email confirming your Echo is […]

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Learning outcome categories and assessment

Staff involved in course enhancement may find the following resource developed by the Learning Support Team in the SEBE DLF Pod, useful. Learning outcome categories and assessment This resources could be used by course teams to assist staff in developing learning activities and assessment that are structured so that graduates can demonstrate attainment of GLOs, CLOs, AQF […]