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Echo Personal Capture

Personal Capture (pcap) allows you to record presentations, learning modules and tutorials in the comfort of your office or home on a PC or MAC workstation.

Pcap can record whatever is on your computer screen, and the video from your web-cam if desired. The quick and easy to use software allows you to playback your recordings, perform some minor editing and publish to the EchoSystem.

Below, you will find some useful tips to get the most out of Echo pcap.

  • Captured files should be short and go no longer than 10 minutes.
  • If using a webcam, keep your head still.
  • Write a script before hand. It really helps in making sure you know exactly what you want to say.
  • Speak at a slow steady speed.
  • Give a good introduction to your viewers, including a synopsis of the capture.
  • If you’re presenting a PowerPoint file, make sure any images contained within are of a good quality, and can be seen in low-res captures.
  • Make sure the images are copyright free for educational use, or that permission has been granted.
  • Close any programs that aren’t required, as these will be captured if you do a desktop recording.

If you would like to create content using Echo Personal capture, please see the TeachAssit page, which contains comprehensive instructions about installing and operating Echo Pcap.

You will need a computer with a headset, and a webcam. You’ll also need an Echo section to publish your own recordings to the Echo System.

If you need further help, contact the Learning Innovations Team
Phone: +73303
In-person: Burwood (LB5.225) or Waterfront (AD3.107-05)

For technical support, please contact the eSolutions service desk