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CloudDeakin Minimum standards require that we all comply with Copyright, however it can difficult to know where to start. There are immeasurable amounts of information, images, video and audio available the internet. What do you include on your CloudDeakin site when there are different rules for the various types of content? In general, you can use copyright material in your unit sites, but there are restrictions on the amount, or version of content that you’re planning to use.
To make sure you’re not breaching the Copyright Act, this blog post includes a few useful pointers to ensure that when putting together resources for your students, you’re in compliance with copyright. To begin, let’s examine some of the basics.

  • All text is attributed. There are limited exceptions that allow you to use material without requiring permission from the copyright owner. If in doubt, ask.
  • External links need to be legally available and from legitimate sources.
    There’s no copyright in linking or using an embed code for content because you’re not making a copy of the content. If you can’t use something, point people to where they can view it on the web.  (legally of course)
  • All images are required to be attributed, this includes images in PowerPoints, as well as diagrams, maps, and graphs. There isn’t a limit to the amount of artistic work that you provide to your students, however, the image must be from a legitimate (legal) source. All copies of images require a full bibliographic citation.
  • No PDF copies of readings or online resources. The Library is required to monitor copies of readings. If you make a copy of a PDF and upload it, this causes the University to breach its copyright agreements, and prevents the library from tracking usage of resources.
  • Manage your readings from online sources in your unit site with a reading list. They’re a faster easier way to supply copyright compliant material to your students.Copyright image 1Copyright image 2If you can’t find the answer, or you’d like to seek clarification contact or contact your school Liaison Librarian who can assist in finding available or alternative sources.Alternatively, visit the ‘Using content in unit sites’ Wiki page, which includes useful sub headings, and focuses on the types of material you might want to provide to your students.Finally, make sure you visit the Teaching page, which has many useful links that pertain to copyright, exams, and even a link to access copyright free images.