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The first point of call for any CloudDeakin queries for students is eSolution’s HelpDesk.

Help@Deakin hours

Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm, weekends: 11am-5pm

  • Internal phones 888
  • Geelong 03 5227 8888
  • Melbourne 03 9244 6888
  • Warrnambool 03 5563 3888
  • Off campus 1800 463 888
  • International +61 3 5227 888

What eSolutions HelpDesk cannot assist students with?

Staff should be aware that eSolutions HelpDesk staff cannot assist with queries from students relating to content or assessment settings. The following are common queries from students where HelpDesk cannot assist with and have advised that the student contacts the lecturer/unit chair. It should be noted that most of these issues can be eliminated by contacting a staff member in Learning Innovations to have your unit setup checked before trimester starts:

  1. Dropbox not showing/unable to submit to dropbox
    This may be because the dropbox hasn’t been setup for the current trimester or the restriction dates have not been set correctly. The dropbox also might have selective release applied which eliminates certain students from accessing the dropbox.
  2. Cannot access group assignment dropbox, user in incorrect group for group assignment
    Students cannot un-enroll themselves from groups, they need to inform the unit chair who will need to do this for them.
  3. Cannot view Turnitin student report
    The unit chair has the option to make Turnitin reports accessible to students or not. Unit chairs need to indicate to students whether the Turnitin report will be accessible to students or not.
  4. Late submissions allowed but the dropbox is closed
    There are two settings that unit chairs can set in the dropbox to enable late submissions. The “Due Date” is for when the assignment is due. The “End Date” enables students to submit after the “Due Date” and up until the “End Date”; the system makes these submissions as “late” and provides the date/time that they were submitted. If late submissions are not accepted by a unit chair students should be notified.
  5. Lecture slides/notes not showing
    Sometimes content is set to draft whilst unit chairs are setting up their units. This needs to be set to “published” for students to access/view content.
  6. Incorrect links to Bb Ultra or Echo system
    Unit chairs should check/test the setup of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Echo System links before making their unit site available for students. Links do not roll over from one trimester to a next, you need to reset these each trimester.
  7. Lecturer/unit chair published assignment/quiz results but students can’t see their grades
    The corresponding grade item in the grades area has a hidden option which needs to be “unchecked” so that students can view their grades.

Unit chairs should contact BL-LearningInnovations if they need assistance solving any of these issues for their students.


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