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‘Leading Courses Guide’ is intended for all staff who teach, and who support those who teach, as part of Deakin’s courses. The guide provides a clear introduction and overview of Deakin’s approach to course delivery, teaching, assessment and supporting our students. It is important not only for those who are directly involved with teaching students, but those who indirectly support through course advice, student experience, career advice, and more. The guide is available online under the Leading Courses section on the TeachAssist website at Deakin University.

Deakin Leading Courses Guide

The Deakin Learning Courses guide has a total of 11 chapters, including:

Chapter 1: Being a Great Course Leader

Chapter 2: Learning and Teaching at Deakin

Chapter 3: Course Design

Chapter 4: Course Delivery

Chapter 5: Assessment and Feedback

Chapter 6: Student Academic Integrity

Chapter 7: Evaluating Learning and Teaching

Chapter 8: Course Governance and Quality Assurance

Chapter 9: Admission and Credit

Chapter 10: Course Policy Compendium

Chapter 11: Acronyms and Abbreviations


Requests and inquiries concerning the Deakin Leading Courses guide should be addressed to:

Deakin University

1 Gheringhap Street

Geelong, Victoria, 3220