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The Deakin Learning Spaces Taxonomy (last updated February 2017) document is a live resource compiled by members of the Deakin Campus Learning Spaces Committee. Deakin staff can use this resource to learn more about the range of learning spaces and components available at Deakin. The document is organised in five sections:

  • Guidelines setting out agreed principles for Deakin’s campus learning spaces and the governance of approvals of proposals for new or refurbished formal or informal learning spaces.
  • The Taxonomy classifies generic teaching and learning spaces using capacity and technology features, with indicative cost for each audio-visual package and explanation of the capabilities of each.
  • The number of each type of learning space by campus by a description of each room type, with photographs of examples.
  • The final section comprises maps of each campus showing the location of informal learning spaces with amenities (power, computers, and refreshments) and opening hours.

For further information or queries about the Deakin Learning Spaces Taxonomy, please contact Dr Leanne Ngo or Dr Allison Ringer, Faculty of Business and Law representatives on the Deakin Learning Spaces Committee.