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One of the key issues facing higher education institutions is how to best equip their students and prepare them amongst the changing nature of the workplace. The concept of Flipping the Curriculum has emerged as the Australian Office for Learning and teaching has re-established its efforts in addressing student capabilities and integrating competencies towards achieving student graduate learning outcomes. Quality assurance and integrity in higher education assessments have been given focus to developing future graduates to be ready for work today and ‘job ready’ plus for the workplace tomorrow. The FlipCurric and Job Ready Plus have gained attention by academics and robust evidence over the decade has proven that internal assessments contribute more than anything which stimulates students learning ability.

Geoff Scott (Emeritus Prof. Western Sydney’ University) will be holding a workshop, presenting the Victorian Launch of the FLIPcurric.

Details of the workshop are provided below:

Victorian Launch of FLIPCurric    

“Assuring the quality of achievement standards and their valid assessment in Australian Higher Education””

The launch will be:

Venue: Victoria University City Convention Centre Level 12, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne
Time: 9:00am to 12:00pm
Date: Thursday 4th August, 2016

For more details and resources on the FlipCurric please visit:

*Authored by Tammy Trinh, Learning Innovations Intern with the Faculty of Business and Law