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The CloudDeakin Unit Preparation Guide T2 2016 is designed to assist staff in preparing their unit for a new trimester. It covers some of the more commonly used tools that staff will be required to use to get them started.

Checklist: Tasks to complete

  • NEW! Video Post Tool Widget

Adding a welcome video message in the Video Post area on the homepage of your unit site is a quick and easy way to personalise it. This only needs to be around 2-3 minutes long. You can add a few sentences to provide a description of your video.

Video Post Tool


To get started, first view the video on how to make the best use of the Video Post tool. You will also find important tips & tricks for your video in this infographic. These resources will help you in creating and uploading your video. For further information around the tool,  please visit the Learning Innovations site or contact us at

  • NEW! Unit Team Widget

unit team

The new Unit Chair and Unit Staff widget will be added to all T2 2016 sites. The information provided through this widget includes the name, picture, phone number, campus, room number, email and an option to add a link to their LinkedIn profile.

  • NEW! Staff and Student Support Resource widgets 

These are included in each unit site homepage for quick and easy access to online  support resources. If these are not visible on your unit site, please inform the BL- Learning Innovations  team.

Capture11Student Widget 2






Staff widget 2







  • NEW! Stylesheets for a professional display of resource content


Please contact the BL Learning Innovations team to help get you started!

  • Resources

    – Review content items and remove any redundant items. Check the order of your content and add/delete modules/sub modules to make it easy for students to find what they are looking for. Resource modules, please note that those noted with * are empty folders ready for staff to upload content to, these can be removed or edited:

    – Unit Information & Introduction

    Links to the PDF & WWW version of unit guides are automatically uploaded to this folder by BL-Learning Innovations. ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Student T1 2016’ documents has been added to this module as well.

    – *Learning Resources

    – Echo Lecture Recordings

    A link to the Student Guide for Trouble Shooting Echo is attached to this module, there are also links to the student guides for Echo.

    – *Assessment Resources

    *Assignment 1
    *Assignment 2
    Plagiarism and Collusion Support Resources for students

  • Admin Student Account

    – The Admin student account allows staff to use it as a ‘real’ student – from login – in order to operate their site from the student’s view. This account has its own username and password which will be emailed to all Unit Chairs. More information available here.

  • Discussion Forums/Topics

    – The Business & Law Faculty Template provides two generic Forums for General Unit & Assessment discussions. You can add extra to suit the needs of your student cohort. You also need to remove any redundant forums that may have been brought over if you requested content to be copied from a previous semester.

  • The Netiquette details 

    These are included in the description of the General Unit Discussion Forum. These are as below:
    ‘All students and staff have the right to work and study in an environment that is supportive, inclusive, fair and safe including face-to-face and cloud learning environments. Please refer to the online etiquette guidelines on
    Communicating Online. Know your Student Rights and Responsibilities including University policies on Information and Communications Technology Use and Conditions of Information Technology use.

  • EchoSystem (lecture recording)

    Add current Echo link to your unit site. Notify BL-Learning Innovations if you need a previous trimester’s recordings. Manage current recordings, upload desktop recordings.

     Note: for all seminars [tutorials and workshops inclusive] the process will change to an opt-in one that is, not recorded unless the unit chairs inform Learning Innovations to set it up for recording.

    Also, if you want to publish your own recordings using Media Import or Personal Capture, you will still need to submit the booking form so an echo section can be created for your unit offering.

    The scheduling of lecture class capture is now automated via SyllabusPlus (timetabling). Staff do not need to book their lecture classes for capture.

  • Blackboard Collaborate

Bb Collaborate is a synchronous communications tool that can facilitate communication
and collaboration between staff and students. Bb Collaborate allows you to:

  • Talk online in real time
  • Chat via text online
  • Share videos and presentations

Instructions on getting started, creating, accessing and using Bb Collaborate are available on
the DLF Guides website

  • eReadings

    – Check and update existing and create new links to eReadings. For more information on adding information resources to your unit site such as direct linking to online information resources and digitisation of print materials as e-readings, refer to the  Library for instructions.

  • Assignment 

    – Create new Assignment Folder/s for online assessment/marking. Include plagiarism check (Turnitin) to written assignments. Unit Chairs can copy and paste the updated statement in the sample assignment dropbox folder ‘T1 2016 Unitcode Assignment Setup EXAMPLE Only’ included in their T1 2016 unit site.

  • Grades/Assignment Folder/Rubrics

    – Remove redundant grade items, add new grade items and link assessments (dropbox & quizzes) with grades. Faculty of Business and Law Learning Innovations team can support Unit Teams in the setup of an online Quiz, Assignment folder, Grades, and Rubric. Please note: Quizzes cannot be uploaded unless they are in the correct format. Please consult the online support guides for instructions on correct formatting.

  • Rubrics

    – This is particularly for marking assignment tasks. For assistance in contextualising the language in the rubric to your unique discipline and assessment task please contact Dr Bhavani Sridharan (, and for setting up your rubric, please contact the Faculty Learning Innovations team.   All staff are required to use online marking rubrics, particularly for marking assignment tasks.

  • Groups 

    – Groups can be used to organise students’ work on projects or assignments. This new tool allows for managing STAR campus classes in your unit site with accurate and timely synchronization between student group allocation in STAR and student groups in the unit site. For more information and how to setup please contact the Faculty of Business and Law Learning Innovations team.

  • Manage Dates

    – Content copied from a previous semester that has date/time restrictions applied will need to have the dates/times changed to reflect the new trimester.

  • News Item

    – Add a welcome message (Photos, audio and video functionality available) for students.

    For assistance with your site and setting up your unit please contact BL- Learning Innovations team.