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Improving student’s professional behaviour is one of the aims of any WIL based unit. To provide students the opportunity to practice professional behaviour and increase levels of active learning and add to their technical skills as part of Digital Literacy (GLO3), the Business & Law WIL team asked to have an Instagram Hashtag widget included on the unit site. Inspired by the Deakin Abroad page that showcases students studying at Deakin while overseas, the B&L WIL wanted to engage students that are in the workplace and have them share their experience via a hashtag of their choosing.


Students read a module in the WIL Cloud Deakin site which teaches them how to professionally, ethically and productively communicate on social platforms, with diverse communities and cultures, in a global context. This activity also supports the development of Global Citizenship (GLO8) understanding.

To find out more on how you can begin to use this tool, please read more on the Instragram Hashtag Board Technology​.