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Skype for Business (Lync) is a communication and collaboration tool that lets you use your computer or mobile device to instant message, video-chat, schedule online video meetings/webinars, share screen and content with colleagues and students.

Skype is the free consumer (public) product used by individuals and small businesses to communicate and collaborate online.

  • Skype is available for free download
  • You create your own Skype account
  • You can communicate with any other Skype user worldwide
  • You can email, instant-message, video-chat, present and share screen via video.
  • Skype is recommended for personal (non-work) use

Lync was rebranded as Skype for Business in mid-2015. Staff and Students now have access to two very-similar applications for communication and collaboration.

  • Skype for Business is installed as part of Microsoft Office under our Deakin licence
  • You sign in with your Deakin account (email and password)
  • You can communicate with any other Skype for Business (or Lync) user, including Deakin staff and students and users from other organisations and universities worldwide
  • You can email, instant-message, video-chat, schedule online video meetings, present and share screen via video, and share content.
  • Skype for Business is fully integrated with Outlook, Microsoft Office and SharePoint.
  • Skype for Business has enterprise grade security
  • Skype for Business is recommended for work use


  1. Skype has a large user base. People are familiar with it.
  2. Skype for Business is pre-installed on all Deakin computers.
  3. Skype for Business does not rely on Java.
  4. Desktop and PPT Sharing / Poll / Q&A / Whiteboard / Camera feed / Manage attendees / record meetings.
  5. Support on multiple platforms (Windows / Mac / iOS / Android / Web App)
  6. Still in development, more functionality to come.


  1. No CloudDeakin Integration. 
  2. Mac has limited functionality, e.g users cannot schedule or record an online meeting.

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