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Converged Learning Delivery Learning Spaces

Deakin University – Taxonomy of campus learning spaces

The Deakin Learning Spaces Taxonomy (last updated February 2017) document is a live resource compiled by members of the Deakin Campus Learning Spaces Committee. Deakin staff can use this resource to learn more about the range of learning spaces and components available at Deakin. The document is organised in five sections: Guidelines setting out agreed principles […]

Assessment DeakinAir Video

How to upload videos for assessments?

The following student guide infographic is about ‘uploading and submitting videos in DeakinAir and CloudDeakin‘ (opens up in a new browser). This student guide covers: selecting the right video specifications and understanding Internet speeds help with converting video formats using DeakinAir CaptureSpace to record video, audio and screen how to upload video to DeakinAir successfully how to […]

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Giving Audio-Video Feedback for Assessment Tasks

Using audio and video tools to give feedback for assessment tasks in CloudDeakin, Camtasia and Blackboard Collaborate An effective way to give timely feedback to students in a digital learning environment is the use of audio and video tools. The Learning Innovations team can provide assistance to help you support student learning by giving feedback […]

Assessment WIL

Flip Curric and “Job Ready Plus”

One of the key issues facing higher education institutions is how to best equip their students and prepare them amongst the changing nature of the workplace. The concept of Flipping the Curriculum has emerged as the Australian Office for Learning and teaching has re-established its efforts in addressing student capabilities and integrating competencies towards achieving […]

Social Media

Instagram Hashtag Board Widget

Improving student’s professional behaviour is one of the aims of any WIL based unit. To provide students the opportunity to practice professional behaviour and increase levels of active learning and add to their technical skills as part of Digital Literacy (GLO3), the Business & Law WIL team asked to have an Instagram Hashtag widget included […]

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Deakin Business School Converged Learning

Staff in the Deakin Business School facilitate genuine converged learning through multiple cloud-based connections in the new Premium Converged Learning Space LB2.101 in Trimesters 2 and 3, 2015. This converged learning space is one of the ways that Deakin Business School staff are ‘harnessing emerging technologies to facilitate innovative, borderless, and personalised education.’ Converged learning […]