Welcome to the CloudFirst CoDesign Project Toolkit. This site provides additional information on CloudFirst learning design, design templates and examples of multimedia learning assets available for developing CloudFirst units.

These resources complement the CloudFirst 101 CloudDeakin site

What is CloudFirst?

Find out how CloudFirst is defined at Deakin.

Unit Requirements

CloudFirst learning design requirements that guide unit design.


Learning Design Templates

The CloudFirst team will work with you to capture unit design patterns and facilitate the development of CloudFirst content using these templates.



Learning Asset Templates

Templates and exemplars that support the development of high production-value learning resources.



Frequently asked questions about the CloudFirst CoDesign Project.

Unit Design Template

Capturing the components of constructive alignment (learning outcomes, assessments, tasks), big questions & key concepts.

Activity Sequence Template

Capturing learning narratives, sequencing & scaffolding of learning activity types.

Content Development Template

Capturing topic/concept content, student learning activities & multimedia learning assets.

Video and Audio

Video and Audio are essential design assets for building authentic and personalised learning experiences. This is particularly important for cloud students, who may not have the opportunity to engage with their teacher in person.


Text is structured for online reading to introduce and concisely explain key concepts. It is used to create a narrative and teacher presence that guides the student in their learning.


Images are used to complement, supplement or replace text. Images or photographs can create tone and improve the visual design of an interface


Multimedia tools which provide opportunities for students to interact with content, peers and their teacher.