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Students learning dances from Aceh

The dance discipline in the School of Communication and Creative Arts hosted two young artists from Aceh in Indonesia in September 2013, Ms Yuza Nadhira (dancer-musician), and Mr Herri Sandi (musician), accompanied by Dr Mirza Hasan, Head of a taskforce preparing a new Arts and Humanities Faculty at Syiah Kuala University.

The visit, funded by student mobility aimed to provide Deakin dance students with some experience of Indonesian dance forms, and the Indonesian artists with an insight into the program at Deakin. The aim overall was to build on relationships initiated during the 2012 Indonesia dance study tour.

During their visit the artists gave morning classes in Acehnese music and dance forms (ratoh duek, meusare sare). They observed Dr Olivia Millard’s dance production rehearsals (ACD206) with Mr Herrisandi improvising on rapai’i frame drum and serune kale clarinet. In the afternoons a small group of third year students studied the difficult seudati inong dance.

At the end of the week the artists lead a small group of third year students in a performance of and seminar on the seudati inong at the invitation of Monash University’s Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash, Clayton and Professor Margaret Kartomi.

The second Indonesia Dance Study Tour will take place in 2015 after a tour to the modern dance capital New York in 2014.

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