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Noroff Institute and Deakin University Alumni Event

Approximately 80 people attended an inaugural Alumni event at the Oslo Forum, Norway, in October 2009.

Hosted by Deakin University and the Noroff Institute, the event celebrated the successful five-year partnership between the two organisations. Most of the attendees were current Noroff students interested in completing their studies at Deakin.

The event included a presentation by Deakin senior lecturer Adrian Bruch, about a radical new approach to designing original content through collaboration, which was very well received.

Mr Bruch served as guest lecturer at the Noroff Institute during the week of the Alumni event. He spent time with the 3D animation cohort as well as devising curriculum and an online partnership aligning the two animation schools.


Welcome address from Harald Holt, Noroff Institute.


Welcome address from Mike Knopp, Deakin University.


Deakin’s Adrian Bruch presenting.


Participants with Finn Mathiesen, Noroff CEO