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Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

What students say


10-student-m What I am feeling about Deakin-GDUFS Program is that it is an experience. My study and life in Australia will definitely leave me a memorable impression.

For one thing, we seem to have some priorities here in Deakin, compared with other international students. Before arriving in Australia, I didn’t know what the differences could be between three units (“subjects” in China) and four units. Now, I feel I am lucky because the workload of three units is much less than that of four units. Although studying three units has taken a lot of time, four units will make me stay at library all the time. Regarding to this aspect, learning two units in GDUFS in advance reduces some of my stress. In addition, this prior learning helps me adapt to the current study. That is, it offers me opportunity to know the structure of learning materials in Deakin, which includes unit guide and study guide – really important to get satisfied mark!

For another, Australian people are very kind and ready to help others in need. In Deakin, I can enquire anything personal and significant by emailing the service staff, meeting program coordinators or other staff of Deakin and other international students. They always are patient, without those stereotypes of high-ranking persons.

Experience of studying in both GDUFS and Deakin teaches me a lot. I learned how to absorb information from different universities in different countries, in the context of two cultures – Asian and Western. Indeed, this program benefits me a lot!


10-groupAustralia is a multi-cultural society that is relaxed and welcoming, giving us a very good environment of study that is safe, constructive and in tune with other cultures. It’s really good to live and study in Australia, in Deakin University. The study here is very flexible. We can choose our own subjects according to our developing direction and study interest. Teachers and students here are very friendly. They help us a lot, not only in studying but also living.