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Community Service Program – Universitas Indonesia

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia, ran a community development program during May 2012, entitled “One-Day Community Service to Protect Children from Unfavourable Television Program Exposure”, conducted in Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

The aim of this community service activity served to decrease the potential of television’s negative impact to happen in the less privileged children from families who live in Penjaringan area, North Jakarta.

The objectives of the community service activity are:

  • To protect the children from programs that are not suitable for children to consume;
  • To build children’s understanding about television programs they usually consume;
  • To supply the children with the skill of filtering good television programs to watch that suit their age;
  • To cultivate understanding for children to be not easily impacted by the content of television programs
  • To establish an understanding and consciousness for children of other beneficial activities aside than watching television;
  • To generate aspiration creations of the children that depict the children understanding and consciousness related to television programs that do not suit their interest.

The Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin were proud sponsors of this event in support of our partnership between the two universities.