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Postgraduate Research Symposium


Group photo

Symposium group at Deakin University, Melbourne in 2015

The Faculty of Arts and Education and Universitas Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) together, have staged two Post Graduate Research Symposia, one in Australia and one at the UPSI campus. The third Symposium was held this year (2015) at the Burwood Campus, November 30 and December 1 where over 30 HDR papers were presented related to the field of Education.

The fourth Symposium is planned next year (2016) at the UPSI campus, as part of the activities during the 1st International Teacher Education Conference on Teaching Practice – 12 – 14 September in Shah Alam.

Course Completion Celebration Dinner, Dubai Womens College, UAE


Course Completion Celebration Dinner, Dubai Womens College, UAE

Course Completion Celebration Dinner, Dubai Womens College, UAE

Senior Higher Colleges of Technology staff, HCT tutors, five Deakin colleagues, recent graduates and alumni and current students attended the certificate presentation ceremony and alumni dinner at Dubai Womens College in June 2014.

The Deakin/HCT Masters course was launched by the Minister of Higher Education Sheikh Nahayan and HCT Vice-Chancellor Dr Tayeb Kamali in 2005. Since then 200 students have graduated from the Deakin Masters, with 40 graduating in 2014 (27 in the Master of Education and 14 in the Master of Education (Special Educational Needs). Currently, there are seven members of HCT staff or Masters graduates enrolled in the Deakin doctoral program.

Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement

The highlight of the Course Completion Celebration in UAE evening was the presentation to Mr Abdelaziz Tamoghzi of his recent Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Abdelaziz achieved the highest academic score of any postgraduate student (domestic or international) enrolled in the Faculty.

Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding Academic Achievement

Students learning dances from Aceh

The dance discipline in the School of Communication and Creative Arts hosted two young artists from Aceh in Indonesia in September 2013, Ms Yuza Nadhira (dancer-musician), and Mr Herri Sandi (musician), accompanied by Dr Mirza Hasan, Head of a taskforce preparing a new Arts and Humanities Faculty at Syiah Kuala University. The visit, funded by student mobility […]

Aceh Deakin Alumni holds annual workshops

Aceh Deakin Alumni with support from Deakin University Australia continue to run annual workshops for teachers to improve their delivery in English throughout the region in Aceh, with a series of capacity building activities.

Community Service Program – Universitas Indonesia

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Indonesia, ran a community development program during May 2012, entitled “One-Day Community Service to Protect Children from Unfavourable Television Program Exposure”, conducted in Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

Engaging Indonesia

Engaging Indonesia entails collaborative research, doctoral students, staff and student exchange, professional experience programs and undergraduate and postgraduate course articulation. Engaging Indonesia builds on Deakin University’s tradition for offering innovative programs that link praxis to research in a technologically innovative framework. The Faculty of Arts and Education and the Faculty of Business and Law have […]

Memorial service for Norway

On Thursday 4 August 2011, Deakin’s Division of Student Life held a memorial service for the Norwegian students in response to the shocking and tragic events that recently took place in Oslo.

The service included having the students light a candle for each of the persons who lost their lives in the shootings and bombing. When a technical sound problem prevented the recorded playing of the Norwegian National Anthem, the students rose as one and sang it beautifully.

A common Australian tradition is to present a sprig of yellow flowers from a wattle tree as a symbol of support and unity. After the formal part of the service was over, the Norwegian students and Deakin staff enjoyed companionship and refreshments.

Many of the students thanked Deakin for the day. However, it was the staff members in attendance who were truly grateful, as it was impossible not to be moved by the students’ demonstrated moral strength, ethical courage and the compassion that they hold for their fellow Norwegians.

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Premier of Victoria meets Deakin Norwegian Students

The students with Mr Ballieu are (from left to right): Ms Linn Stole; Ms Aanya Aasheim; Ms Marie Ronied; Mr Shehan Vestrheim; Mr Mikael Skramesto; and Ms Frida Øye.

The students with Mr Ballieu are (from left to right): Ms Linn Stole; Ms Aanya Aasheim; Ms Marie Ronied; Mr Shehan Vestrheim; Mr Mikael Skramesto; and Ms Frida Øye.

Many would be aware that Victoria’s Premier, the Honourable Ted Ballieu, is an avid fan of Australian Football. He was made aware of an article on the AFL web site about a recent cultural excursion to the MCG by Deakin Norwegian students during the weekend that the horrific bombing and shootings took place in Oslo (

The Premier specifically invited the Deakin Norwegian students to attend the AFL International Cup Tournament, on 24 August 2011, so that he could have an opportunity to meet with them. He conveyed to them that all Victorians were deeply shocked and saddened by the senseless tragedy that their home country has endured.

In addition to the pleasure of meeting the Premier of Victoria, the students also enjoyed a brief impromptu kicking skills clinic with a member of the AFL International Cup Team from Fiji.

Completion – Graphic Design course

A completion ceremony was organised by the School of Communication and Creative Arts on the 28th October 2010 for international students from Norway who have spent two trimesters at Deakin’s Melbourne Campus at Burwood, to complete the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Graphic Design).


group photo

Deakin Creative Arts staff (Meghan Kelly -Lecturer in Graphic Design and Adrian Bruch -Lecturer in Animation and Digital Culture), Creative Arts students, Mr Michael Knopp (Manager, International Partnerships)


Associate Dean (International) student Marie Lid Aske, and Head of the School of Communication and Creative Arts

Noroff Institute and Deakin University Alumni Event

Approximately 80 people attended an inaugural Alumni event at the Oslo Forum, Norway, in October 2009.

Hosted by Deakin University and the Noroff Institute, the event celebrated the successful five-year partnership between the two organisations. Most of the attendees were current Noroff students interested in completing their studies at Deakin.

The event included a presentation by Deakin senior lecturer Adrian Bruch, about a radical new approach to designing original content through collaboration, which was very well received.

Mr Bruch served as guest lecturer at the Noroff Institute during the week of the Alumni event. He spent time with the 3D animation cohort as well as devising curriculum and an online partnership aligning the two animation schools.


Welcome address from Harald Holt, Noroff Institute.


Welcome address from Mike Knopp, Deakin University.


Deakin’s Adrian Bruch presenting.


Participants with Finn Mathiesen, Noroff CEO