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Wor(l)ds collide, silently screaming and melting into the darkness, the morbid evolution of life becomes part of the natural environment and the words just pour out; the headlines, the cliffhangers, everything.

Once the procrastination wears off there is no way to escape from the drive to write, to shoot, to draw and create. They say that the first day of making anything is just visions of green, misunderstandings like Alice and her rabbit hole blues, a wild spring that cannot be tamed. But once those tiny hands release the idea that one choice can destroy you, the game begins and your clipped wings spread wide, the missing puzzle piece falls into place and it is all worth it in the end.

The victors write history, and it is to the victors of the 2014 submissions that this chronicle belongs, for they were picked like a pocket full of posie from the best work at Deakin University and High Schools in the Geelong region.

So grab a glass of wine, or a hot cuppa, then sit back and prepare to immerse yourself in this 2014 journal of student writing, because you can only Imagine….

2014 Contributors


Elaine Andres: Dorothy, Hooked on MelbourneRabbit Hole Blues

Vanessa Andrew: The Five Stages

Anonymous: First Day

Alice Bellette: Tiny Hands, Sometimes Sisterhood (Or, My Ophelia Tattoo), Wild Spring, what is a body

Darren Cole: Melting, Drowning in a Crowd, Emotion Over Nature, You’re the Other Half of My Heart

Asha Collins: Fight or Flight, Misunderstandings, Eucalyptus sieberi

Jemma Eadie: Apricots Are Not So Delicious, Shit Hole, Darkness

Zach Eastwood: The Girl at the Station

Simon Finch: Unmoored, Brighton, In What Is Its Worth?

Lauren Fowkes: A Pocket Full of Posie

Ellie Gardner: Procrastination

Kate Gibson: Escape

William Kent: Follow His Lead, Coming Up Milhouse, To the Victors, The Dragon Slayer

Ash Leonard: Fulfilment, The Mountain, The Game

Dann Lewis: The Godmachine, The Library, The Ivory Hourglass; Man’s Macabre Waltz

Danielle Louise: The Morbid Evolution of Life, The March on Washington

Tyler McPherson: Visions of Green

Leanne Meikle: Silently Screaming, Tears to Fairy Steps, My Boy

Emily Murphy: Natural Environment, Worth It

Sarah Randall: Alice

Michelle Sadler: A Bee Sting to Call Our Own, The Drive, Polyester Dressing Gowns

Natasha Sampson: The Poppet

Justine Stella: Clipped, The Need for Teflon, Worth It

Adrian Watts: Wor(l)ds

Bronte White: The Missing Puzzle Piece

Nikki Wilkinson: Crab Legs, Headlines, The Red King


Emily Anderson: Alone

Amanda Clydesdale: [Untitled]

Gordon Connell: Read Above

Luke Connelly: No Buns

Liam Cooke: Invisible

Alaska Croke: Turning a Blind Eye

Lachlan Cropley: No Mercy

Damien: Short Story

Sarah Dawson: The Usual

Kate Firth: For the Price of One…

Sam Friend: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Gabriel Gray: Cotton Wry

Shaun Guajardo: Five Seconds

Risini Gundawardane: One Choice Can Destroy You

Baillee Jones: Green Light

Kirralee Kirkbride: A Green Light Shone from the Horizon

Sarah Kuhne: Room 122

Chardae Larkins: The Choice is Icecream

N. Larkins: Rainfall

Bridget Longley: A Green Light…

Rebecca Longley: A Bright Light

Lilly Lorimer: Blank

Natasha Lupton: Bad Weather

Tammy Luu: I Chose

Emma McDonald: The Dance Competition

Brayden McPhee: In the Night

Thomas Morong: The Storm

Simone Newell: Puddles

Newcomb Secondary College: Cliffhangers

North Geelong Secondary College: Cliffhangers

Elvin Pasa: Epiphanies, Rose

Gloria Ragesh: The Door, The Key to Survival

Angus Reynolds: [Untitled]

Pel Riek: The Life of Jim!

Tamara: The Runner

Elijah Testa: [Untitled]

Tim Timanowicz: The Game

Sheyanne Warren: A Green Light Shone Out from the Horizon

Montanna Williamson: Green Light


Debbie Haines: Church on the Spilled Blood

William Kent: A Photo Series

Talia Moston: Drawings and Photography