About us

Words@Deakin is a group of Deakin University students in Literary Studies and Creative Writing at the Waurn Ponds campus.

In 2014, we are:


Mitch Cunningham is a writer, performer and PHD Candidate from Geelong. Mitch’s story ‘Laika’ was shortlisted for the 2011 John Marsden Prize for Young Fiction, and his work has appeared in VoiceworksVerandahWindmills and Ekleksographia. Mitch has also worked alongside Courthouse Arts, Playwriting Australia, SUB and Please Welcome Gallery.

Claire Duffy is a PhD candidate at Deakin University, Geelong. She is interested in the transformative power of humour in feminist literature. She views writing as a powerful tool for voicing that which is not obvious, and that which is not easy—a catalyst for understanding. HecateSwampVerandahAntiTHESIS, and In Stead have published her short stories.

Alyson Miller teaches literary studies at Deakin University, Geelong. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in both national and international publications, alongside a book of literary criticism, Haunted by Words: Scandalous Texts (2013). Her chapbook of prose poetry, Dream Animals, is forthcoming with Dancing Girl Press.

Kasey Scouller is a freelance writer and Deakin student. During the last year she has conducted interviews and written articles for a Geelong bridal magazine, had poetry published in Imagine, and won a Page Seventeen flash fiction competition. Kasey is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Literature and Creative and Professional Writing and sub-majoring in Philosophy.  Excitingly, Kasey is also a finalist for the 2014 Cowley Literary Awards for non-fiction.

Ashley Tarleton is a writer and second-year art’s student, majoring in Journalism and Creative & Professional Writing, at Deakin University, Geelong. She is on the editorial committee at Page Seventeen and WORLDLY, and is an assistant to Rosemary Sorensen, the Artistic Director, at this year’s Bendigo Writers’ Festival. Ashley has interviewed writers such as Jackie French, Andrew Nette, Liz Stringer and Christie Nieman, and her work has appeared in Forte, The Bendigo Advertiser and WORLDLY.

Words@Deakin, in addition to managing the Imagine project, is also involved in a number of other activities, including the literary zine Windmills.

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