Leanne Meikle – Deakin University

Standing on the beach at ANZAC Cove I didn’t see the dead

But I felt them all around me and the place is filled with dread

Walking on the beach one’s imagination goes quite wild

And you see the bloodied water and the bodies all in piles

Walking through the cemetery with its rows and rows of death

Your mind begins to wonder if these boys will ever rest

The urge to hate the British and to punish them is so strong

How could their military team have gotten it so wrong?

The cold wind blows around me as I stand as still as stone

And I swear I hear the whisper of a fallen soldier’s moan.


The Holocaust though real, was a world away from me

The diary of Anne Frank was the closest I could be

Then one day I saw the room she hid inside for years

And when I stood inside the camps my eyes just filled with tears

I saw the ovens, I saw the showers, I saw the extraction benches

And I saw the bunks they slept in and the execution trenches

The terror and the chill of standing in those places

To this day can clearly be seen upon all visitors faces


I have seen the aftermath of far too many wars

And I still don’t understand what all the fighting’s for

From my grandparents sombre memories of WW2

To the Vietnam veteran’s nightmares in everything they do

Add 9/11 to this mess and the resulting war of terror

I feel the world has truly made the biggest global error

The senseless loss of life and the heartache and the pain

Can surely not be worth the empty token gains.

Put down your arms, and back away and leave this world in peace

Your brutal political fighting is pointless and must cease

I do not care who rules this world or what language we all speak

Just stop killing the children, the innocent and the weak.

You think you’re tough, you arrogant boys, you bully everyone

Can’t you see there is no glory, no matter who has won?

The carnage left behind you and the blood upon your hand

Will stain our world forever you callous evil man.


Leanne Meikle is a mature aged student who studies full-time and off-campus at Deakin University majoring in Literature and Children’s Literature. Her life revolves around study, creative writing, landscape and macro photography, travel and family.