The Vases

Kasey Scouller – Deakin University

The vase is not particularly pretty, or even the right size.
I can’t even count how many times

it has tumbled recklessly from the shelf.
I’ve even knocked it over myself.
Still I persist in piecing it back together, each time, always losing a little fragment or two,
always pretending, hoping, I can fix it with glue.
For some reason I just cannot let it go, this vase,
no matter how many fractures or scars.
It is broken, there is no doubt at all,
but really, you barely notice all the little holes

as long as it faces the wall
and never gets wet.


Kasey Scouller is older than most uni students, younger than most mums, and not great at writing poetry, but does all of it anyway because it makes her happy. Throw in a little coffee and chaos and there she is; finding her voice, making a place for herself in the world.