The Shore of Time

Jonathan Terrington – Deakin University

I stood upon a sandy shore

Watched as sunlight bled away

I felt the sorrows and the pain

Of other times, other days

My body numbed by wind and rain

Ever wished to succumb

And fall at last beneath the sun

Sinking to a watery grave

Underneath a liquid sky

Would I sleep at last.

Let coral headstones mark my bed,

For death’s eternal slumber

And let the water wash my soul

Forever scouring misery

For tide goes out and tide returns

Yet ever are you lost to me.

I stood upon the shores of time

Stared toward the swirling sea

Yet I would not venture on

To fall under the shadow seas

Though sky and water take their toll

Fiendish memory haunt my mind

Time goes out and time returns

Yet never were you lost to me


Jonathan Terrington is a current student at Deakin University, halfway through the arduous but exiting process of becoming a teacher. He first discovered literature at the young age of seven and has begun attempting to create his own, with varying degrees of success.