Marina Nosenkova – Deakin University

The dry summer wind is blowing through my hair,

The salty smell of the sea on the breeze.

I lift my head up from time to time

And there they are:

Little patches of white stretched against the green grass.

Seagulls dot the park lawn

Like freckles on a redhead’s face.

So still, so peaceful…

Some of them are sleeping,

Their tiny beaks nestled underneath their wings.

Soft little balls of feathers…

Some are standing,

Just looking far away.

I wonder what they see…?

Some are cleaning themselves,

As if there is no perfection for the blinding whiteness.

I am alone among the swaying palm trees,

Yet not so lonely.

The seagulls surround me

Like soft threads in the hard shawl of life;

And I feel a strange warmth

That’s not the summer heat.

Seagulls sway, small buoys on the tranquil waves of my mind.

Suddenly I realise, they were not here before I arrived.

Were they drawn to me, like kites drawn to the sky by the wind?

The seagulls are lying close to me,

Not judging, not afraid.

Could it be that somebody needs me?

My pain floats away in a sea of white and green.


Marina is just about to finish her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology this year. She has a great passion for mental health, as well as for literature, creative writing and poetry. In her spare time she loves being outdoors and also attending all kinds of cultural events.