Poem 2

Jessica Vivian – Deakin University

When you look in the mirror what do you see?


I see eyes staring back at me, no they aren’t mine but close to it, just a shadow of what mine use to be.


Bright and full of life, my shadow follows me anywhere I go, day or night it’s there but can’t always been seen.


I’m here nor there just everywhere outside your body and inside your mind, I’m the keeper of my soul which I intend to keep and when the darkness falls, I shall sleep.


Hello there I see you looking at me but I can’t hear you, you stand in front of me but when I touch you, you feel cold to me maybe it’s not you who is cold but me I walk away from you now, but you follow but why?

…Oh, that’s right you’re my reflection in the mirror, the mirror of where you haunt me, so dark and gothic day and night oh how I forgot I put you there.


Please just go away and leave my sight.



Jessica Vivian’s preferred name is (Jess), she is 26 years old and a student at Deakin University. She likes reading and watching movies with a horror genre love getting scared. She always has had a love for all types of poetry and Shakespeare’s plays, really love Macbeth. She would like to travel around the world one day.