Poem 1

Jessica Vivian – Deakin University

If you need a hand, I have two

My hands are soft and so few wrinkles on them.
If you need someone to listen, you can have my ears

My ears are large enough and luckily they aren’t blue.
If you can’t speak, you can have my voice

My voice is heavenly sweet.
If you can’t see, I give you my eyes

My eyes are blue-ish grey with a tinge of green freakish to be seen.
If you can’t feel, I’ll give you my touch

My touch is warm.
If you can’t love, I’ll give you my heart

My heart is larger then life for all the best parts.

I gave you my hand; you took two to help you

I gave you my ears, so now you can listen to all of your peers

I gave you my voice, so you can speak for all the right choices in life

I gave you my eyes, so you can see what lies before you a world that is all new

I gave you my touch, so you feel so much

I gave you my heart for love, that you once knew but please don’t tear it into two.


Jessica Vivian’s preferred name is (Jess), she is 26 years old and a student at Deakin University. She likes reading and watching movies with a horror genre love getting scared. She always has had a love for all types of poetry and Shakespeare’s plays, really love Macbeth. She would like to travel around the world one day.