Love Cat

Marina Nosenkova – Deakin University

I can’t stop thinking about you,

And though I know it doesn’t matter,

Will you accept, out of the blue,

This badly written love letter?

Days sped since I saw you last

And hastily even months went by…

So much time has passed

And still I don’t stop to cry.

I used to laugh when people said:

“I’m so in love that I can’t sleep.”

But just be careful what you laugh at,

For it may strike you just as deep.

It causes me so much pain

To think of your screwball smile.

And though you are so cold and vain

You hypnotise me and beguile.


I pray all day inside my mind

That one day I won’t feel this way…

But feelings, they have been unkind

I love you more than I can say.

I know you may not think of me,

And other women you may love…

But I will tell you I adore you

Until you have had enough.


Marina is just about to finish her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology this year. She has a great passion for mental health, as well as for literature, creative writing and poetry. In her spare time she loves being outdoors and also attending all kinds of cultural events.