Little Bird

Rachael McCracken – Deakin University

Oh little bird, how did this cage become your home?

Oh little bird, who put you here and stole your throne?

Your family misses you little bird, they do not understand,

Why you choose to forget the ways of your land.

Oh little bird, you were once free,

Oh little bird, why, why must you defy me?

I could have kept you free little bird, but you made your choice,

To fail the tests and hold your voice.

Oh little bird, this place is cold,

Oh little bird, of your family you have sold.

She tried and tried to set you free,

Through tests to communicate the struggles of thee.

But to your branch you held too tight,

This cage will now be yours forever night.

Oh little bird, why could you not try?

Were you telling the truth and it is I living a lie?


Rachael is in her first year of a Bachelor of Arts/ Secondary Education at Deakin Burwood.