I Am Not Afraid

Sarah Randall – Deakin University

There is a maze.

It towers in front of you, high and daunting.

The walls are made of bricks, or stones, or green grassy hedges.

There are many entrances and even more exits.

The paths cross and intertwine and lead to one another only to double back over themselves.

You can try to keep your hand against the left wall and only turn left, or choose every second right. You decide.

You can abandon the paths altogether; take a knife, hack your way through to the other side.

Once you make it out – if you make it out – you can enter it again. Take another path this time. Be daring.

Or, you can stand in front of it hopelessly, not even trying to navigate its depths.


Sarah Randall is currently undertaking a double major in Professional and Creative Writing and Literary Studies. Sarah enjoys reading widely, particularly young adult fiction, and secretly writes poetry and songs instead of a diary.  Sarah has previously been published in Imagine