Nicole Rossi – Deakin University

Something made me start up — a voice. The moonlight seeped through the window, my body releasing itself from slumber to be beckoned by this call of my instincts. I sat upright, the sound commanding my soul and thrilling my senses as I stumbled my way to the wooden door. It swung open, this noise becoming louder as my feet plunged into the sand. That sound split through the slight breeze of the night, a melodious humming. Rationalities seemed to disperse, swept away by the curling nature of the song. Remaining was the burning of my skin, the decomposing of my sanity. The saccharine song grew louder and echoed a foreign sweetness.

Quicker and quicker, my body followed the music. My bare feet stepped onto a bed of rocks, grazing my soles on the wet, serrated surface. The whiteness of the moon reflected on the black water, waves lulling gently over the rocks. I was not alone. The song grew softer as I continued, the image in front of me becoming defined. Opposite me, settled on the edge of a rock was a woman, her legs dipped beneath the water. I must be sleeping.

I carried on in my hypnotized, dreamlike state until the singing halted. Her face turned to me, a sweet smile tipping cherry lips. I gulped as I neared her voluptuous body. She combed through her mass of honey coloured hair, the only concealment of her naked chest. The wet strands stuck to her skin, extending much like an insects legs.

The girl’s lips opened.

“Hello, would you care to sit with me?” The hum of her voice was silvery; I had never heard such a sound.

I remained quiet. There was a wicked yearning that drew me closer to her. Her dripping skin was as pale as the moon above her, her rounded figure becoming clearer as I reached her. I felt an uneasiness settle within me, however, that unshakeable force urged me to lower myself beside her, my legs sinking into the water. She licked her lips, parching them with redness.

The girl looked up from beneath her hair, a coquettish expression masking her face. Her white teeth shone between her thick scarlet lips. She advanced upon me and rested a slimy hand on my neck. The pulse of my jugular quickened beneath her cold palm and anticipation tingled beneath my skin. The girl lent in, I could feel her breath, flurrying with honey sweetness. She placed one shivering and chaste touch of her lips on mine, and an ache swelled within me. My lids felt heavy. I looked beneath my lashes, her dark eyes gloating as she pulled away.

A giggle left that soft mouth that sounded as sweet to my ears as a ripe peach tastes on my tongue. She pushed herself from her perch. Lower and lower went her body, her mouth moving below the range of my lips as she had dipped herself into the wetness of the sea. She seemed to float effortlessly, bathing her mane and beckoning me with those eyes. I followed. The salty darkness made my clothes heavy with dampness. The water was unexpectedly deep, my legs kicking as I struggled to keep afloat. The moisture glistened on her ruby lips and she drifted toward me. A fear grew in my mind, though a carnal desire for her fleshly body burnt hotter in my heart.

As the girl reached for me, her hands linking on the back of my neck to bring me closer to her, there was a deliberate beastliness that made disgust churn in my stomach.

“Do you wish to be with me?” Her harmonious voice sung.
“You can stay with me forever.” Her voice seemed to echo into the night.

A red tongue darted between her lips to dampen them. I closed my eyes and waited, waited with beating heart. She dragged me closer to her. Her legs wrapped around mine, clamping them closed. She fastened her lips on my mouth, delightfully devouring me. Her tongue slithered in, her sharp nails digging into the flesh of my shoulder blades. Small, melodious giggles and moans escaped her pursed lips.

She paused. Drawing away, her face was shadowed, though there was an evident flicker of arrogance in her dark pupils. The girl’s legs grew tighter, and I felt the sliminess of something on my lower body.

My stomach churned in revulsion and realisation. Those were no legs. The moon illuminated her face, something had shifted. Her previous pointed nose and defined cupids bow had deformed. Her skin was pulled taut over her bones, and the shade of her porcelain flesh was now a sickly olive tint.  Those voluptuous lips now framed razor sharp teeth that were as pale as pearls.

This foreign woman and the act that she was committing — I had been hypnotised! I attempted to struggle away from the demon, a sensation of fear coming over me quickly as her snake-like tail tightened around my body and curled around my chest.

She leant in.

“You’re mine.” Her whisper tickled my ear, her hot breath wafting a foul stench. That formerly musical voice had now transformed.

I resisted, and she merely licked her lips like a carnivorous animal and revelled at my helplessness. She grinned, her red lips peeling back from her jagged teeth. My body uselessly thrashed within her grip as the siren pulled me down. I took one final breath of air. Down we went, the darkness consuming me.


Nicole Rossi is in her first year studying at Deakin University to teach literature. She enjoys philosophising about the woes of life, eating cheese slices and watching bad horror movies. Nicole may very well be a mermaid herself.