Flinders Street Station

Marina Nosenkova – Deakin University


So many step under the clocks

That show infinity of time

The crowds – a never-ending flock,

A fascinating pantomime.

The boy with chocolate on his face

Indulging by the lolly stall.

So many treats in a small space…

Oh, how he’d like to have them all!

Young lady waiting on the steps,

She has such an important date.

She even bought a racy dress

And now she fears that he is late…

Old man, at the flower stall, asks:

“How much do these cost?”

While sitting by the escalators,

A woman mourns the love she lost.

A youth, clutching his lover’s hands,

Leaves on her lips an awkward kiss.

“Will you come back to me on Sunday?”

– He says,

“For it is you I miss.”

And I, not knowing where I’m going,

Or what life has in store for me…

Rushing home on a crowded train

So I can have a cup of tea.


Marina is just about to finish her Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in psychology this year. She has a great passion for mental health, as well as for literature, creative writing and poetry. In her spare time she loves being outdoors and also attending all kinds of cultural events.