Fast Food

Patrick Forrest – Deakin University

There’s something so satisfying

About eating fast food in front of a gym.

Whether it’s about watching other people

On their endless cycle of self-improvement

And disappointment,

Or slowly embracing your own failures.


There’s something about eating McDonalds

At four in the morning

Near the beach

Which says that you’ve really given up,

As the salty air floods your lungs

And the cholesterol hardens in your veins.

There’s something about KFC for breakfast

After a long night out drinking,

Which makes you feel

Just how rotten you’ve become.

With your insides all rebelling,

Poisoning your body to match your soul.


There’s something about eating fast food

Which is synonymous with the break

Of the human spirit;

And I’m so fucking tired

Of eating all this


Patrick is a second year Arts/Commerce Student at Deakin University. In his free time, Patrick enjoys having good company, and distraction through reading and writing. More of his work can be found at