Sonnet of Time

Darren Cole – Deakin University

Cause and effect, strict progression of time

From the initial bang to the last black

We are just a blip, but trying to climb

Our time in the universe, lest a crack

Dust spiralled and formed a sphere of molten rock

The molten rock cools as minerals grow

Creating a crust that hardened the block

But this truth only one person does know

When the creatures came, he was already old

Observing the savage culture of ‘saur

Until the great stone turned the planet cold

Ushering an age of warm blood and war

And so Father Time sheds a single tear

Knowing the age of peace is nowhere near.


Darren Cole is a twenty-year-old Geelong writer who hopes to one day work in the film/television industry, or work in comics. Usually a genre writer, Darren likes to branch out and try other styles whenever possible.