Felicity Stoetzel – Deakin University

 Crouched low and cradled between the couch and wall

She watches and quakes, trauma holding her fast,

Explosive sounds shatter through her state of fear

She hides her head, becomes smaller; tries to disappear

She waits, waits for the all clear – will it come?

Another scream, not her own, echoes through the house

Should she move, should she help, should she risk her life?

Terror wraps itself around her, cold and suffocating

When will it end? –  Soon, please end soon

She whimpers, too afraid to wail, they will find her if she does

She presses closer to the wall to feel its solidity, its strength

Her Mother is dragged past the door, bloody and inert

Her Father is led away, eyes ablaze, he sees nothing, remembers nothing

She is left behind, forgotten, crouched between the couch and wall

She cries


Felicity Stoetzel is currently undertaking her BA at Deakin University and is majoring in Literary Studies, Children’s Literature and History. Felicity has written poetry on and off for years but this is the first time she has submitted her work for publication. She also has an academic essay being published in this year’s inaugural The Journal of Supernatural Literature by Deakin University.