Black or White

Deakin University – Jacob Demopoulos

Four blank walls. One wooden floor. One ceiling. One square window.

The light from the window illuminates the room. In the room’s centre stands a green chair of wood. It is a simple chair; it has four legs, a square seat and a back. A parent might buy a chair like this for their children.

On the chair sits a man. He looks to be a simple man. He wears unwrinkled black pants, shiny black shoes, white gloves, a smooth black coat, a white dress shirt and a red bowtie. His hair is simply grey. His short grey beard is of even consistency with his short grey hair and it looks like the two are connected. His grey moustache is long enough to seemingly connect with his bread. His grey eyebrows are all alone above his eyes. His eyes, which he is using to look at the ground in front of his feet, are brown.

The simple looking man raises his right hand, clad in a simple glove, so that the palm is facing the window. He looks at his hand with a simple expression on his face. His fingers curl so that their tips press against the top of his palms and his thumb extends over to his fingers like a lid.

He throws his hand forward, shooting his thumb up and partly uncurling his fingers as it went, and a small flame appears at the top of his hand. It is a simple flame—orange, shaking, bright, warm—but it comes from his hand.

The flame goes up. As it does, a small lighter pokes up from the man’s palm. It is a simple lighter with blue plastic and a red switch. The simple flame sways atop the simple lighter held in the hand clad in a simple glove, which belongs to the simple looking man.

The simple man begins to let out a not-simple chuckle. It is an amused chuckle. He chuckles at the flame like a pet that has done a trick and its success amuses him. The simple flame—orange, shaking, bright, warm—dances atop the simple blue plastic lighter to his amusement.

Suddenly, he frowns. The flame freezes into a small chunk of ice.

I wonder if anyone wonders where this room is?


Jacob Demopolous writes to entertain people. He wants to warm their hearts, make them cry, make them laugh and make them cheer. However, he wants to be smart about it; he doesn’t want to take their eyes off the world they live in but to have them look at it from a different perspective.