Batesian Mimicry

Kasey Scouller – Deakin University



Mimicry in which an edible animal is protected by its resemblance to a noxious one that is avoided by predators.

The claws come out and the teeth sink in.
Or at least that’s what you expect.
But the flaws I hold; they are mostly within.
I use colours and shapes to deflect.

Contorted identity trapped in the skin.
Danger that is hard to reject.
Enticed you into original sin?
No more need for me (to) object.

The illusion of danger makes me grin,
although I never try to connect.
You cannot differentiate and you cannot win,

You can only guess and suspect.


Kasey Scouller is older than most uni students, younger than most mums, and not great at writing poetry, but does all of it anyway because it makes her happy. Throw in a little coffee and chaos and there she is; finding her voice, making a place for herself in the world.