Artistic Sorcery

Jonathan Terrington – Deakin University

Ruler of madness, master of chaos –

I am king of dreaming.

Erect in my honour a plaque, an emblem

A symbol of my potency,

Bow before my subjugation.

Accept my authorisation.

For I delve the depths of insanity

Oh, such is the power of my creation,

I am master of characteristic fates

With great powers of contextual continuity,

So Wrapped within my twisting mind,

I am turning wheels of time.

Artistic potency my gift,

Dread design my curse,

All manner of unknown entities

For a moment’s thought exist in me.

When I’m done at playing lord

I pack up all my things,

Put away my writer’s thoughts –

Those tempting, hopeful reams

Of potential possibilities –

And countless other fiends.

Someday – in returning,

I’ll claim my rightful destiny.

Then open up Pandora’s box,

And be the lord of dreams.


Jonathan Terrington is a current student at Deakin University, halfway through the arduous but exiting process of becoming a teacher. He first discovered literature at the young age of seven and has begun attempting to create his own, with varying degrees of success.