A Call to Modern War

Felicity Stoetzel – Deakin University


We are at war

At war with drugs

Mothers, aunties, uncles and the old

We hold meetings, discuss battle plans,

We are Winston Churchill without doubt

We organise the troops

Be ready for action

We are at war

At war with our sons

Desperate, grieving, alert and insane

We must surround and protect

We claw at the daemons inside and out

We bow our heads and pray

Prepare to fall in

We are at war

At war with freedom

Blinded, fierce, angry and strong

We are Obama facing Osama

We cannot lose


We are at war

At war with despair

Desolate, drowning, crumpled and scared

We stand together in loss of choice

We must survive

Lest we forget

We are at war

At war with drugs and this modern life


Felicity Stoetzel is currently undertaking her BA at Deakin University and is majoring in Literary Studies, Children’s Literature and History. Felicity has written poetry on and off for years but this is the first time she has submitted her work for publication. She also has an academic essay being published in this year’s inaugural The Journal of Supernatural Literature by Deakin University.