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Imagine: A Journal of Student Writing From Geelong

cover-2012It is finally Summer, and we have stopped playing Kids’ Games, moved Beyond Repair, from the pleasure of The Dinner Party, and out of London Showers to bring you the 2012 edition of Imagine, which is finally Out and about. Clearly, you have found its Location, Location—we hope you will store it in The Memory Tree, for In Your Memory I’ll Keep the Delirium of your words—we promise, these pages, although virtual, will be with us For Ever After.

Now we are at the End of the Line, we are no longer In Dreams and have Reverted Control back to you. Scroll through these pages and you will find Hubs Caps and Tail Lights, a Moggy Without a Cause hanging out The Late Cat, and the smell of Cheap Leather coming from The Paperboy. There is no Parallel—this Musical Medicine will soothe your soul, and help you to answer the question about What’s So Bad About Being Dead?

If you’re feeling a bit Blonde and Blue, take a ride on The Carousel; or if that doesn’t do, perhaps a walk through Skogskyrkogården with Manny—some would say that that is Paradise City. If you’re still searching, you could take La Tour Eiffel, seek an Encounter at a Crossroad, or a wander through Humble Heights—it will help bring you down from that sense of Imperium.  Outside, the Siren Season has begun, which we Love, even as much as Life According to Nietzsche, or the results of The Experiment.

We seem to love a sense of Our Place, like Strasbourg 1518, where we can touch on The Forgotten War; those Flyblown bodies, Nursing Home Blues, and Ashes encourage us towards Repression. Like Beer and the Evolution of Civilisation, we have transformed—our Lizard Skin and Mother Eyes no longer Beautiful Losers, but something other, untitled.

Producing a journal is a bit like This Parenting Thing, where you realise that I Can’t Be From the Country, yelling ‘Where’s Mum?’ and telling strangers that your ‘First Name Virginia’ is not as good as your middle name, I Prometheus. It’s a bit like Familial Dynamics in Pan’s Labyrinth—things start to get pretty crazy!

So, as you read through the amazing collection this year, we hope you think about What It Could Be and Imagine a Brighter Future… The Englishman is Waiting, and it is only The Familiar Face that will make him Proud to be a Brony. Or maybe Fred will help him feel better, as he listens to Death’s Prose and ponders Cause and EffectLiquor, Smack and the Bad Boy Wrap.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection as much as we have, which represents some of the best and brightest from Geelong secondary school and Deakin University students.

Yours with words,