The Falling Junkie

Gemma Hanan

Deakin University

tiffanyShe’s never looked finer when wearing her pearls and sipping her wine.
She takes a long drag from her cigarette Breakfast at Tiffany’s style, resting in its dainty holder.
She smiles like a well-defined woman.
All class and nothing but.
Her hair is styled so perfectly, it’s envied by all.

The cigarette falls out of its holder, falling to the ground like a feather.
‘Fuck!’ she yells, as though the world is crumbling.
The façade is broken and the mirage disappears like that of a thirsty man’s oasis.
She snaps the plastic holder and snatches the smoke off the butt-littered ground.

The wine turns cheap.
The pearls turn to plastic.
Her peroxide damaged hair is coarser than hay.
Suddenly she has never looked worse.
And she remains ever blind to what she has become.


Gemma Hanan is currently studying Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University and is an aspiring writer who one day wishes to work in editing. She currently works at a bakery and has been for the past three years and knows more about bread products than she ever wanted to.

Image by Sarah Allen, Deakin University