Nursery Rhymes

Sam Gowing

Deakin University


MARY STAR – A twenty-seven year old paediatric nurse. Wearing blue scrubs throughout the script. Shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes. Attractive and petite.

THEODORE STAR – MARY’s thirty year old husband. Wearing a suit, clean shaven face and neat black hair.

STACEY LAMB – A twelve year old English girl. The only patient assigned to MARY. Black hair, green eyes.

SCARY MARY – A computer generated MARY with a more ghastly appearance. Pale skin, blood-shot eyes with black rings around them. Wider than normal mouth with purple-blue lips that show all her yellow teeth when she smiles.

NURSE – A nurse working on the same ward as MARY.


A black screen pulses between scenes of a distressed MARY sitting on the floor of her office. She is pulling her hair while running her hands through it, taking strands out with each pull. Her eyes are red and her face is covered in her tears. The sound of crying is persistent throughout the scene until it stops abruptly after a couple of minutes. The darkness lingers.



Close up shot of an iPhone screen with a screen saver of a classic clock, showing that the time is 1 a.m. Camera pans slowly backward until the back of MARY can be seen. She is sitting alone in her office doing her paper work with nothing but a desk lamp to light the room so that she doesn’t disturb STACEY, who is asleep in the ward opposite the office, the ward is not visible at this time. The office is small and cramped, with a desk opposite the door. Overflowing pigeon-holes and closed cupboards are to the right of MARY, who has her back to the door. MARY’s phone is sitting on the top-left hand corner of her case sheet and after completing each section she looks at the screen. The room is completely silent save for the scratching of MARY’s pencil on the paper.