Love Ate Ottilie

Gemma Hanan

Deakin University

cat-head1Silk dresses and slippers,
Pearls and gold bangles.
Mr Jamison loves you,
He does.

The riches are plenty,
Earning on your back.
Madame loves you,
She does.

The bee in your hand
Flies freely like foretold.
Royal loves you,
He does.

Goodbye Champs Elysée,
A cat’s head for a welcome.
The old woman hates you,
She does.

In the house of flowers,
The old woman deserved it.
The Devil loves you,
He does.


Gemma Hanan  is currently studying Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University and is an aspiring writer who one day wishes to work in editing. She currently works at a bakery and has been for the past three years and knows more about bread products than she ever wanted to.