Torika Taylor

Geelong Grammar

Lola digs her cave until the light is gone. She finds the gold that her fathers have talked about for so long.

Because Lola lives for the lie she starts to get sucked into space. All that is left of her is a girl that was once one of the good ones.

Lola, she cries. She beckons for God but he does not listen. Lola kneels in the dirt and sings to herself.

Life is ignorant; if you knew the truth about everything you’d be miserable. Happiness is the highest peak of ignorance. Don’t lie to me. Lola, don’t listen to them.

Don’t go alone. Even if Lola won’t go.

Up until now you’ve been so content. But for some reason you begin to hate the world for killing you.

You are slowly becoming nothing.

Lola sits on her bed and looks blankly out her window at everything. She notices nothing.

What you gonna do when the light goes dark? You’re going to be alone in the dark with your thoughts because now, now there is nothing to distract you.

Don’t you throw it away. You’ll look back and see the world is still growing. You were once young and everything was bliss.

You would be kind, you fearless thing. Where are you now?

I talk nicely to them and, try and get them to come closer. Leaves they may fall but you never see a bare tree. Listen to the dark voice, no one needs you. Is the re-creation scaring you?

Bet on the winning team, but when they lose, what will you do? Lola walks the deserts alone with her thoughts. What is it she’s looking for? She’ll never know.

It’s all animal-like, really.

All the pain you caused, all the power you gained; was it all in vain? They don’t want to here but you got to let it out before you let it Bang. Inside you. Raise your hands, say your name, then let it Bang.

Lola, she dances alone but slowly. She’s alone so she has no one to impress. She hears it loud and clear. They can’t hold her down anymore; they can only let her go.

She’ll bury her head in the sand; she won’t stop even if they ask her to.

It’s loud and clear, they can’t hold her down, only let her go.

Watching her, hanging from the trees the size of life. Don’t jump to conclusions that she is happy. Her smile is worth a hundred lies.

If there were lessons to be learned, you would have learned them by now. So when you’re playing with desire, don’t go running to the sky when your face is on fire.

You tremble, cause you know they will eat you alive. You have no-where to run so you sit and wait. You wait for the sun to stumble so you can escape. You’re alive and your heart is beating like a hammer. You wait for your lonely days to pass. You know they never will.

Music can alter moods and speak the truth; can it load your gun and blow the roof?

You try and seize the moment, freeze the moment only for a year. That’s long enough? You’ve been planning for your life so you missed it. Shame that you wasted away.

Lola, now she is old. She lies in her hospital bed. She is unaware of everything going on around her. Her eyes fixated on the cracks in the ceiling.

Simplicity gets Lola through the day. Yet everyday she needs to be reminded. Reminded of what she once used t be. A girl. A girl who was trying to figure herself out.

Lola, you need to close your eyes. Let it flow down the river and don’t try to chase it. You need to cry.

The golden dragon takes her into the skies, she is forever young and sings to the sun. The moon no longer controls her, she is free. Free from the king.