A Brier Crown

Ellie Carless

Geelong Grammar School

He came to you, incessantly

This man of mans return to thee

In sun he brings thy crimson rose

Upon a serpent to find its toes

To dusk, to dusk, the sun returns

A heart’s fulfilment, a bud that burns

Upon his riddle he rides the thorns

A swollen thigh, a life un-borne

Akimbo he stands, hand on womb

A pain withheld, an empty tomb

To dusk, to dusk, the suns dies down

My child is dead; a briar crown


Ellie Carless was born on the 11th of August, 1993. She grew up in country NSW and began to travel extensively. She now lives in Sydney and attends boarding school in Geelong. Her interests include sailing, literature and politics. Her dream is to live in a small terrace house in Paddington and dwell in old bookshops.