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Editors’ Foreword
Imagine: A journal of student writing from Geelong
cover-2011Headless cats and Truman Capote suggest Innocence Lost, but if you see the Shades of Grey, you will notice that everything is just a Journey. Sometimes it’s Sweet and Sour like Ghosts and Lovers in a Subway Farewell – making everything seem like a Constant Departure. Sometimes you need to Think. Forget, but if you keep getting up after A Hard Fall, you’ll make it through this Circus Life and be Whole AgainUnderneath Burning Light, a Roaring Dragon Ate Ottilie, while The Lighthouse Keeper watched a Seagull over the Ocean. This is something of an Oddity, but there is Truth to it – these stories are about Dreaming and Discovery, and the idea that sometimes, like the show, Life Must Go On.
In this edition of the journal, there is BetrayalThere is a Man called Stephen Kay who wears A Brier Crown, and somewhere in Tennessee Land A Hero is Born. There is A Sonnet3 Haiku, and Nursery Rhymes to help get you through these Cockroach Days. Sometimes, we have to admit, that doubleplusungoodenough is just the way it goes – things seem Black on Both Sides; that’s The Eternal’s Curse. On Cladwell FarmAunt Jemima tackled The Feathered Serpent’s Rage and The Griffin Dragon – she doesn’t take no Bull Head in these Days of the Weak.

In this Age of CakeHeaven Can’t Wait for a Falling Junkie in Melbourne, whose Untitled Letters To Death sit as Stories of a Park Bench, like a Man to Land. The editors of this Untitled edition think that You & Her will enjoy reading about Liam and Lola and Lucy Nock, who question whether Life as a Mirror is enough, or whether it’s All for God.

We hope you enjoy reading this collection as much as we have, which represents the most inspired writing from students across Geelong Secondary School and Deakin University.

Yours with words,


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