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An anthology of Geelong secondary school writingAn anthology of Geelong secondary school writing

“Artificial intelligence. Life after the apocalypse. Flying carpets and unicorns and wish-granting genies and talking goats. Never-melting icecream. Eco-friendly fuel sources. A real Tooth Fairy. Snow days. Gold pots at the end of the rainbow. Flying pigs and dancing mice, robot babies, virtual schools, the world in an iPod. Homes for the homeless, a song for the voiceless. Floating cars, clones, books downloaded into your mind, and clothes that never need to be washed. What does the future hold?

In this anthology, students from Geelong secondary schools imagine the future, and these narratives, poems and songs are their vision of the years that are to come.”

2010 publication is available for download (2 MB)