Imagine Journal, Deakin University

cover-2012Imagine is an online journal of writing by high school and University students in the Geelong region. It is managed by Words@Deakin, a group of Deakin University students in Literary Studies and Creative Writing at the Waurn Ponds campus. Imagine and Words@Deakin are driven by the following ideas. This is our manifesto!

  1. Language defines us, among other species, as human beings. To develop your language skills is thus to realise your potential as a human being.
  2. To paraphrase the philosopher Charles S. Peirce, the limits of your language are the limits of yourself and your world. Reading beyond these limits will extend you and your world!
  3. Literacy skills are fundamental to all jobs, as well as to everyday life. The better you are at language, the better you are able to understand yourself, communicate with others, write reports, argue a case, present ideas, etc!
  4. Being creative with language sets you free to understand yourself and the world differently. You do not have to be enslaved to certain ways of thinking and being!
  5. Using language in creative and engaging ways gives you the power to get people’s attention and to make people listen!

Join with us in celebrating the power of the word. Read and write for Imagine!